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Ballinger 7X
Ballinger 7X

Ballinger 7X The BEST selection of quality colors a at a great price!  Must have popular show hat! This beautiful hat is designed for the serious competitors for both breed and open circuits; rodeo or just plain working cowboy! Timeless and classy,  Perfect for Showing at all the major breed shows such as AQHA,  APHA,  ApHA, POA and Pinto to name only a few. Our 10X is a better quality hat made here in Texas! This hat is durable, hand-crafted Felt yet is offered at an affordable price and can be customized to fit. NO RETURNS or REFUNDS. We gladly ensure a proper fit if you buy the proper size and we will do everything we can to make you get "The Winning Look" In the event of ANY Return there will be a 30% restocking fee!!

Price: $295.00


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